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Today you can reach Bornholm more easy than ever.

The Øresund bridge between Denmark and Sweden  is an  important  traffic way for reaching Bornholm.

For example in no time from the south-Swedish town Ystad: The high-speed ferry "Leonora Christina " carries cars and passengers to the sunshine-island Bornholm in just 80 minutes. The conventional ferry takes 2½ hours. During the high-season there are many departures a day. 

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 From the mainland Denmark ( Køge ) there is one departure every night.  It is a comfortable way to travel, because you can sleep during the seven hours long journey.  

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If you go by car there is a ferry from the German island Rügen it  takes just 3½ hours  travelling to Bornholm by  ferry. There are 1-3 departures a day in the high-season,  but only three departures per week in the mid-season and no sailing in the winter.   

Prices and booking: see the site  " Links " : Bornholmer Faergen


Last but not least:  In summer a passenger catamaran ( only for persons ) runs daily from  Poland to  Bornholm ( Nexø and Kolobrzeg ).



"Dat" operates between Copenhagen and Bornholm (Rønne). There are up to five flights per day. Time: 35 minutes. 

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Often you can  find  flights from German airports direct  to Bornholm in the high-season ( Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich ).

From London ( Stansted ) in UK and from Frankfurt ( Hahn ) in  Germany you may have a very cheap option to travel,  to Gothenburg or Göteborg in Sweden.  

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