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Would you like to visit Bornholm? We are sure you will not be disappointed.

This Baltic Sea island belongs to Denmark, but is closer to Sweden. Bornholm is  approx. 40 kms long, 30 kms wide; A circuit of Bornholm, by bicycle, is around 120 kms long.

Inhabitants: 38.000;  

Currency : Danish kroner

Course: 1Euro:  7.45 D.kr.               

Journey : by ferry (plus train or coach from Copenhagen) or aeroplane 



from Denmark: Køge  Duration of the passage: 6,5 hours  

from Germany: Sassnitz - Mukran, Duration of the passage: 3,5 hours

from Sweden: Ystad, Duration of the passage: 1 hour and 15 minutes.

by aeroplane: from Copenhagen to  Rønne: 35 minutes  






On arrival by  ferry at Rønne you feel as if you enter a  miniature world.   

One immediately warms to this island: small, multi-coloured houses and very old, well maintained small harbours. 

Particularly in sunshine one gets an unforgettable impression.


  What to expect:

Very friendly people who usually  speaks good English and German.

Wonderful bicycle-tracks (220 kms) - bicycle lanes and green lanes. Very safe for families!

Spectacular  rocky coasts in the north. 

In the south: Europe's, perhaps, most beautiful sandy beach.

Mild, steady climate; one finds mulberry and fig trees.

The special light conditions (granite rocks) attracts a lot of artists.



   Is Denmark expensive?

Most commodity prices are now similar to the rest of central Europe.

More expensive: Vegetables, fruit, tobacco goods, high percentage alcohol.

Some prices in Euros:

1 l. ecological milk = 1,30  ; 250 g butter: 1,60  ; 1kg whole-meal bread 3,30 ; 500g coffee:7,90  ;   0,33l Carlsberg beer: 1,30 .

  The range of ecological goods is very good.

What are the attractions?

No motor sport, no water ski, very few discotheques, little traffic and no road noise.

Bornholm means beautiful and unspoilt countryside, and is, in particular, suitable for families. Swim and sunbathe at wonderful, sandy beaches. Bornholm also means: ride your bicycle, angling, idyllic fishing harbours, the great outdoors will please your eyes, child friendliness, arts and much more..........



In  winter  the island sleeps. Only few restaurants open.  

The ferries sail only few times.

But one can rent  Holliday houses really cheap


There is so much more to say............

What is there to do?

Cycling: a sheer pleasure here (220 km of cycle tracks)

Walking : all around the coast

Bathing : Sandy beach or rocks

Swimming pools:  in Rønne and Gudhjem

Riding: some equestrian farms

Tennis: by arrangement in clubs

Football: many " open " places "

Golf: three courses on the island

Fishing : with charter boats, off the rocks or in lakes

Culture: Castle Hammershus, art museum, island Christiansø, cinema, concerts, markets, much arts and crafts

Meal: in the summer many options

Children: among other things: "Brændesgårdshaven " ( Joboland ) an adventure park.  


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